I really hate you, Ms.LaRue

Hey peoples! I actually have something to write about today!

Lately I’ve been writing parodies. Lots and lots of Harry Potter parodies. And an original Harry Potter themed poem/song/rap thing for my social studies teacher: Even Umbridge looks good from here, It feels like Snape’s class, weird, What am I doing in this stupid muggle school? I really hate you Ms. LaRue. Beautiful, huh? I’m a poet, betcha didn’t know it. The next two verses go like this: Like Voldemort, You make my scar hurt, Even Quirrel was better than you, I really hate you, Ms. LaRue. I have nargles in your class, It’s no surprise if I don’t pass. Binn’s more interesting than you, I really hate you Ms.LaRue

Contradiction: Interesting lectures.

Sorry I was cut short. Stay cool and don’t contradict me!!!


Close to Godliness

Hello my dear friends. How are your lives? Mine is good. Everybody had a good labor day weekend? Me too.

Over the weekend I cleaned my room. It was beyond messy for… 2 weeks? I’m not sure. Now it is next to spotless. The area around my bed will always be messy, but I don’t really care, because I have a clean room. Yay!!! 🙂

I also saw The Help this weekend. It was awesome! I loved the book, and the movie was pretty accurate. And it had Emma Stone in it. I like Emma Stone.

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say…so..CONTRADICTION OF THE DAY! Intelligent Twi-hards. ‘Cuz Twilight is REALLY stupid.

Sorry for such a short post, stay cool, and don’t contradict me.

Coughing my Lungs Out… with Pep!

I don’t know why my mom made me go to school today. I coughed all day yesterday, didn’t sleep because I was coughing, and now I am sitting the computer lab, you guessed it, coughing. Does she not understand that I’m sick?

And more bad news: there’s a pep assembly today. 😦 I don’t like pep assemblies. They are loud and obnoxious and filled with the color I hate the most which is red.

I am NOT wearing red today. I refuse. I’m wearing yellow, and if I had pink I’d be wearing it. The closest to red I will ever wear (willingly) is our choir shirts (which are black with red lettering) and the Old Navy flag t-shirts.

Anyway, I won’t be in this crappy school much longer. For those of who haven’t looked at the date or read Harry Potter, today is September 1st, the day the Hogwarts Express leaves for the greatest wizarding school ever, except perhaps Pigfarts.

Random HP facts about today: Victoire Weasley will be a 1st year at Hogwarts, abnd Teddy Lupin will be in 3rd (same as me!!! :))

Contradiction of the Week:Peppy goths

Stay cool and don’t contradiact me!!!!!

The One I Forgot to Name

So sorry I haven’t  been posting lately. Lots of school, and ballet, and such keeping me busy. I’m sneaking in time at school to write this. Hey, it’s a Computer Class. Blogs have to do with computers right?

Anyway, dance is FOUR nights a week now. FOUR!!!! I’m very lucky to only sore when I climb steps.

Today in lab, (besides blogging) I worked with GIMP. So now I am standing in a yellow wood, and also have the body of the Fat Lady from Harry Potter. I can’t upload pictures because wordpress doesn’t like the format. I’m surronded by morons who can’t make up their minds about what poses they want to do with their friends. None of my friends are in this class (they have band), so I had to do pictures all by myself, though my woods picture would have looked so cool with people pointing in opposite directions.

Contradiction of the Post: Lost Hufflepuffs. Only I can be one.

Stay cool, and don’t contradict me. 🙂

Dear CeccettiCat and an Even Better Catchphrase

First, I didn’t come up with “a juicy pack of contradictions.” If you have a problem with it, you can feel free to talk to Starburst about it. I’m sure they’d be absolutely delighted to accept any comments that you have.

Second, you spelled Checcetti wrong, it has an H. I might have spelled monstrous wrong, but I can spell checcetti, which is more than you can say, you stupid Ravenclaw.

Which brings us to our contradiction of the post: Stupid Ravenclaws. If you don’t get it you are sadly misinformed about one of the best books ever.

Anywho, my last catchphrase was good, but this is better: “Stay cool, and don’t contradict me!”

Big Foot Pass and a Pack of Contradictions

Big Foot Pass. Evil, monsterous, Death Eater of an activity. Five stump-shaped floaty thingys that you had to cross. Of course all the little kids could cross, but everyone over 12, good luck getting to the third stump. It was evil. I probably could have strangled on it too, because of therope net on the top that my head popped through. I tried FIVE times, and nothing. I had lots of fun on Lazy River, though!

Anyway, I found my theme in a pack of candy. Starburst to be exact. Ballerinas, particularily, ballerinas named Grace, are NOT supposed to be clumsy.

So my new thing is CONTRADICTION OF THE DAY!

Contradiction of the Day:I’m going to have to go with Starburst: Juicy, yet solid.

And I have a catchphrase, kinda.

“Keep contradicting, and don’t let the Ravenclaws correct you.”

Kansas City KS and The Annoying MP3 Playlist

I’m typing this in my hotel room at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City KS. It’s been a great day of shopping and riding slides at the indoor water park, and now I’m very exhausted.

Last night I put Annie, Oklahoma, Sound of Music, Music Man, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on my mp3 player. I already had A Very Potter Musical, Alice in Wonderland, and Seussical the Musical on there. I was very annoyed to find that the playlists on my mp3 player only holds 120 songs. 😦 Which means I could only fit Annie, OK, Sound of Music, Music Man, JatATD, AVPM, and Seuss. Can you see what’s wrong there? That’s right, no Alice. Well if I had to get rid of one, it would be Alice, so I guess I’m okay. Still aggravated. 😦

So, what’s biting you lately? And I still need a catchprase. Suggestions totally welcome. 🙂 ❤


My bff suggested I get a blog so… here I am. 🙂 Now I don’t know what to write. Hmm….DANCE! I can write about dance.
Dance starts up for me in a few weeks or something like that. I’m not sure. But anywho, I ‘m really out of shape, so I’m going to have to literally work my tail off to get into shape.
I danced some, yesterday, but confession time: I quit after grand battements.
I need to make a ballet cd. With songs that work with different exercises in order and such. There was a song that was perfect, like, made for it, perfect, but I can’t even remember what the exercise was… Oh yeah! PLIES! Close Every Door from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was perfect for plies.

Well I have to clean the bathroom, so I guess I have to go.

I need a catchprase to sign off with, so suggest something in comments.