That’s Me All Right!

I had been warned. I knew I would cry after reading
Crookedstar’s Promise. Did that stop me? No. I knew Crookedstar would do things that he wouldn’t be proud of. Did that stop me? No!
Because really? It was a false alarm. Not that my friend was completley wrong, but I was very relieved to find that it was nothing worse than Bluestar’s Prophecy, Forest of Secrets or The Power of Three arc.
Anyway, I’ve been contemplating (love that word!!!) just how do you tell if you are a true Harry Potter fan.
1. You say snog even though you’re American.
2.You add “Always.” after every sentence. Always.
3.You swear your teacher is Umbridge in disguise.
4.You dream up a new character for the next few books, who, ahem, very oddly resembles you.
5.Your classmates don’t laugh at the Sirius/Serious joke your Lang. Arts teacher makes, because they don’t get it, you don’t laugh because the last time you heard it you laughed so hard you fell off your hippogriff.
6.You pray every day that the next three Harry Potter books will have a girl from America who is Neville/Draco’s love interest so you can play her in the movies.
7.You’ve seen the movie 15 times and can pick out every ibbly bibbly detail that they left out or changed (and get very annoyed!)
8.You dream about what would happen if you were in the next Harry Potter movie like what charater you would play, your conversations with Danny Radcliffe, the pranks you would play on the set . . . ­čśë
9.You are jealous of the girl who played Rose Weasley for getting the part and you thought you could do better even, though you don’t look like a Rose type at all!
10. You had a dream where you went to Hermione’s 37 birthday party.
11. You call people who went to the 8th movie primeire Death Eaters
12. You get excited when someone scratched V+H in the desk, because you’re convinced it stands for Viktor+Hermione.
13. You dream up a new character for the next few books, who, ahem, very oddly resembles you.
Anyway, that should entertain you for a week.
Probably not, but still. And sorry this wasn’t up Wednesday, I thought I had published, but apparntly not.


Sense and Sensitivity

Here’s the thing: I am stubborn. I will never admit that I am wrong, because I am always right. My brother isn’t. He is the most sensitive 10 year old kid I’ve ever met. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but there is something wrong with the way I deal with it.
For instance, my brother completly lost it when his lunch wouldn’t fit in his lunchbox. He demanded that I give him mine, and I could take my ballerina lunchbox instead. I’ve had that thing since Kindergarten, I love it, but as I said before, I am stubborn. He had asked me rather rudely, and continued to throw a tantrum when I declined his offer.
Five minutes later, he was bawling on the floor, talking about what a bad kid he is!!! What am I supposed to say to that?!?!?!? I know I was right! I’m not going to say I was wrong.
So tell me what you think. I’m gonna start posting just on Wednesdays I think. It’s easier.


Umm…hi! I really don’t know what to talk about. Um.. I got a date to the Sadie Hawkins dance. His name is Austin. He’s cool.
As she knows, I’m trying to get my homeschooled bff to come take a field trip to real school for a day. She would like some of my classes, Choir and Seagul. It would be fun! She can just follow me around all day, and she could just be there, and wouldn’t talk to anybody so that people would get really freaked out and think they saw a ghost!!! That could be fun, we can dress her up in old-fashioned clothes. And only people who know her outside of school would know better. Of course we could disguise her, too! No one, but us would know!
Speaking of scary things, go check out the scary maze game. (The exorcist one.) And don’t lose until the third level. You might scream your head off, or at least jump. Make sure sounds on.
I gotta go, bye! Stay cool!!


Hey my peoples! Today you will listen to me rant. A lot of books have been banned/challanged. Which irks me, because I read. A lot of them are banned for language and scenes. Great! Lets go ban some R-rated movies! That’s not gonna happen. I haven’t read most of the books, but here’s you’re reading list:
Sorry for the short post, I got to a late start reading the list. Stay cool, and don’t contradict me.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hello my friends! I had a great day yesterday. Today…Not so much. So here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:I am pretty sure I aced the Social Studies test I was so worried about. I found a good learning style too. Through parodies. It’s not so much singing them as it is writng them. It’s cool! The Bad:I nerdily parodied Goin’ Back to Hogwarts. It was long enough to fit all the explorers, which is good, even though the last part makes little sense. The Ugly:I have a science test today.

The Good:People liked my duct tape shoes!!! They’re my small buisness for Seagul Shark Tank. I was certain they would be shot down immediately. The Bad: As I guessed, my mother hated them. Not that I honestly care, but still, everything I have to sneak to school in my┬ábackpack people like. My mother was just to chicken to wear anything quirky when she was my age, and now she’s jealous. The Ugly:My mom’s taste in clothing. Okay, it’s not that bad, but still. if she can criticise, I can too.

The Good:I finally got an amazing pirouette, that wasn’t a fluke! The Bad and The Ugly: I can’t think of anything, though there were many mistakes. There are always mistakes.

Also, those of you on Facebook, look up “Dear Nymphadora, Your Mother’s name was Andromeda, It Could be Worse.” It’s my Potter themed page.

Contradiction:imagination-less awesome people. Yes, we all have one.

Stay cool, and don’t contradict me!!!

The Coolest Shoes EVER!!!

Aloha my people! I made the coolest shoes ever last night. And yes, I said “made.” Why are they so cool? Because, they’re Duct Tape shoes. They have purple tape on the inside and paint splatter on the outside. I wanted to make them look like sneakers, but they ended up being ballet flats. Seriously, they’re adorable.

Just finished my stupid bowling spread sheet. It was fun coming up with the teams, though. Even more fun was comparing how each person/team did, with how they’d actually do. Like┬áTeam Edward would lose, Potter Pals Bowling Team would win,┬ábut Ron┬áprobably wouldn’t get┬áthe highest average.┬áthe highest average. The other teams were Team Jake, The Flyers, and District 12.

Thank you to the idiot I talked about the other day, for letting me copy off your paper. I can’t see the board, because I didn’t have my contacts in and it annoys me.

For those of you who don’t know, I write fanfiction. Yesterday, I updated my pride and joy:Mistyfoot’s Facebook. Feel free to look it up oin My name is Splotchpelt

CONTRADICTION!!!: Cool nerds like me. Believe it or not I’m pretty popular…I think. Atleast… I have friends. That makes me popular right? Whatever. Stay cool and don’t contradict me.

Hola folks, I’m feeling rebellious today. I have rigged my jacket so that I may listen to my mp3 player during class. Calm down, I’m not listening to it when teachers are talking, but I honestly work alot better with it in. I’m a weird child.

All of you should go to youtube and check out The Voca People. My choir teacher showed me them. They are cool. They don’t use instruments, only their voices. IT’S AWESOME!!!

Anyway. gotta go bye! No contradiction today. Stay cool, and don’t contradict me!!!

The Idiot Next to Me

Hello friends, enemies, and people I don’t know about! Today we’ll be discussing the idiot who sits next to me in Computers. (The one who put red next to pink.) Ethan seems to have a problem with me blogging. I don’t know why, but he makes a big deal out of it everyday. It annoys me.┬á Alot. He’s sitting next to me, so I hope he doesn’t peek at my screen.

I feel like saying hi to people, so… HI MICAH AND OAKLEY!!! I MISS YOU!!!

Sorry about not posting yesterday, all I did was go to a friend’s house over the weekend. I had fun. Our parents were out, so we danced very wildly around her house.

CONTRADICTION!!!:Confused know it all. Sorry, I can’t think of anything.

Stay cool, and don’t contradict me!!!

I am terribly sorry that I did not post yesterday. When the whole thing disappeared, I was very annoyed and too frustrated too do anything about it. All I talked about was how my back was killing me. It’s better now.

I’m really tired this morning. I have a feeling it’s because I missed an hour of sleep 3 nights in a row. Grr…

Right now, I’m sitting next to an idiot who put red and pink in the same picture.┬á It irks me. I used pink, yellow, and lime green, on a black background.┬áI have taste. My magazine cover is really pretty! It’s dance themed…of course. ­čÖé

Dandelion Black┬áhas a personality like no other and a face straight from an old wanted poster. If you couldn’t tell,┬áI’m writing a┬ábook! It’s about a girl who hears her evil, dead mothers voice. Sadly, I might have to put AMSND on hold, though I might try to work on both.

Contradiction of the Day!!! A good bad guy. Actually, this isn’t that contradictory. Voldemort is an excellent bad guy.

Anyway, stay cool and don’t contradict me!!!