That’s Me All Right!

I had been warned. I knew I would cry after reading
Crookedstar’s Promise. Did that stop me? No. I knew Crookedstar would do things that he wouldn’t be proud of. Did that stop me? No!
Because really? It was a false alarm. Not that my friend was completley wrong, but I was very relieved to find that it was nothing worse than Bluestar’s Prophecy, Forest of Secrets or The Power of Three arc.
Anyway, I’ve been contemplating (love that word!!!) just how do you tell if you are a true Harry Potter fan.
1. You say snog even though you’re American.
2.You add “Always.” after every sentence. Always.
3.You swear your teacher is Umbridge in disguise.
4.You dream up a new character for the next few books, who, ahem, very oddly resembles you.
5.Your classmates don’t laugh at the Sirius/Serious joke your Lang. Arts teacher makes, because they don’t get it, you don’t laugh because the last time you heard it you laughed so hard you fell off your hippogriff.
6.You pray every day that the next three Harry Potter books will have a girl from America who is Neville/Draco’s love interest so you can play her in the movies.
7.You’ve seen the movie 15 times and can pick out every ibbly bibbly detail that they left out or changed (and get very annoyed!)
8.You dream about what would happen if you were in the next Harry Potter movie like what charater you would play, your conversations with Danny Radcliffe, the pranks you would play on the set . . . 😉
9.You are jealous of the girl who played Rose Weasley for getting the part and you thought you could do better even, though you don’t look like a Rose type at all!
10. You had a dream where you went to Hermione’s 37 birthday party.
11. You call people who went to the 8th movie primeire Death Eaters
12. You get excited when someone scratched V+H in the desk, because you’re convinced it stands for Viktor+Hermione.
13. You dream up a new character for the next few books, who, ahem, very oddly resembles you.
Anyway, that should entertain you for a week.
Probably not, but still. And sorry this wasn’t up Wednesday, I thought I had published, but apparntly not.


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