Sense and Sensitivity

Here’s the thing: I am stubborn. I will never admit that I am wrong, because I am always right. My brother isn’t. He is the most sensitive 10 year old kid I’ve ever met. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but there is something wrong with the way I deal with it.
For instance, my brother completly lost it when his lunch wouldn’t fit in his lunchbox. He demanded that I give him mine, and I could take my ballerina lunchbox instead. I’ve had that thing since Kindergarten, I love it, but as I said before, I am stubborn. He had asked me rather rudely, and continued to throw a tantrum when I declined his offer.
Five minutes later, he was bawling on the floor, talking about what a bad kid he is!!! What am I supposed to say to that?!?!?!? I know I was right! I’m not going to say I was wrong.
So tell me what you think. I’m gonna start posting just on Wednesdays I think. It’s easier.


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