Umm…hi! I really don’t know what to talk about. Um.. I got a date to the Sadie Hawkins dance. His name is Austin. He’s cool.
As she knows, I’m trying to get my homeschooled bff to come take a field trip to real school for a day. She would like some of my classes, Choir and Seagul. It would be fun! She can just follow me around all day, and she could just be there, and wouldn’t talk to anybody so that people would get really freaked out and think they saw a ghost!!! That could be fun, we can dress her up in old-fashioned clothes. And only people who know her outside of school would know better. Of course we could disguise her, too! No one, but us would know!
Speaking of scary things, go check out the scary maze game. (The exorcist one.) And don’t lose until the third level. You might scream your head off, or at least jump. Make sure sounds on.
I gotta go, bye! Stay cool!!


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