The Coolest Shoes EVER!!!

Aloha my people! I made the coolest shoes ever last night. And yes, I said “made.” Why are they so cool? Because, they’re Duct Tape shoes. They have purple tape on the inside and paint splatter on the outside. I wanted to make them look like sneakers, but they ended up being ballet flats. Seriously, they’re adorable.

Just finished my stupid bowling spread sheet. It was fun coming up with the teams, though. Even more fun was comparing how each person/team did, with how they’d actually do. Like Team Edward would lose, Potter Pals Bowling Team would win, but Ron probably wouldn’t get the highest average. the highest average. The other teams were Team Jake, The Flyers, and District 12.

Thank you to the idiot I talked about the other day, for letting me copy off your paper. I can’t see the board, because I didn’t have my contacts in and it annoys me.

For those of you who don’t know, I write fanfiction. Yesterday, I updated my pride and joy:Mistyfoot’s Facebook. Feel free to look it up oin My name is Splotchpelt

CONTRADICTION!!!: Cool nerds like me. Believe it or not I’m pretty popular…I think. Atleast… I have friends. That makes me popular right? Whatever. Stay cool and don’t contradict me.


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