I am terribly sorry that I did not post yesterday. When the whole thing disappeared, I was very annoyed and too frustrated too do anything about it. All I talked about was how my back was killing me. It’s better now.

I’m really tired this morning. I have a feeling it’s because I missed an hour of sleep 3 nights in a row. Grr…

Right now, I’m sitting next to an idiot who put red and pink in the same picture.  It irks me. I used pink, yellow, and lime green, on a black background. I have taste. My magazine cover is really pretty! It’s dance themed…of course. 🙂

Dandelion Black has a personality like no other and a face straight from an old wanted poster. If you couldn’t tell, I’m writing a book! It’s about a girl who hears her evil, dead mothers voice. Sadly, I might have to put AMSND on hold, though I might try to work on both.

Contradiction of the Day!!! A good bad guy. Actually, this isn’t that contradictory. Voldemort is an excellent bad guy.

Anyway, stay cool and don’t contradict me!!!


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